Your space flight starts right here with the XCOR Lynx Mark II from the Mojave Space Port.


Pre-Launch Protocol

Unlike all previously developed spacecraft the SXC Lynx Mark II is equipped with its own fully reusable rocket propulsion system to depart a runway and return safely. The XCOR Lynx Mark II uses four revolutionary XR-5K18 rocket engines can be shut down and restarted at any time in-flight . There is no jet powered mothership, no disposable carrier rockets, separating solid rocket boosters or or landings at sea. Just like a conventional aircraft the XCOR Lynx Mark II takes-off from the runway horizontally and glides back to a runway landing after its extraordinary flight. Unlike other reusable launch vehicles under development you won’t be sitting back in row 3. Instead you will find yourself sitting next to the pilot, going over the pre-launch checklist before the four XR-5K18 rocket engines roar into life. Your life-changing experience has begun.

Breaking the Sound Barrier (T +58 Seconds) Faster than a Bullet (T +180 Seconds) 

The take-off phase of your space flight is an incredible experience. You will feel the stunning acceleration from the four powerful 5K18 rocket engines. Roaring down the runway the landscape around will begin to blur and within seconds the nose wheel lifts off. Then you ascend, fast and steep, almost vertical at 70 degrees. As you rocket into the sky the panoramic canopy will provide you with spectacular views. Within one minute, you will break the sound barrier and keep accelerating until you reach the edge of space.  Soon you will reach an astonishing Mach 2.9, a speed faster than most fighter pilots have experienced.

Engine Cut-Off : The Earth as Only 500 People Have Ever Seen

At an altitude of nearly 60 km, the pilot will cut-off the engines. Four roaring XR-5K18 rocket engines one moment, perfect silence the next. Isaac Newton takes over as the parabolic flight begins. You are now floating in your seat and will experience weightlessness for several minutes. Welcome to space. The XCOR Lynx Mark II continues on its coast upwards until it reaches 103 km, the official frontier of space begins at 100 km. It’s a place where the sky is completely black and the Earth’s curvature is clearly visible from the cockpit.

Re-Entry : Gliding Home

After five to six minutes in space, the XCOR Lynx Mark II will begin its silent decent back to Earth. It will rapidly pick up speed before commencing a  pull-out manoeuvre to reduce its speed. During this manoeuvre you will experience forces up to 4G for 10 to 20 seconds. Then you will glide for approximately 25 minutes, while enjoying the view, and land on the runway at Mojave Space Port.

Welcome home – you’re officially an Astronaut.

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