The XCOR Lynx Mark II is a remarkable space craft offering its passengers the ultimate space experience.


Virtual Co-Pilot

Unlike other commercial space transportation systems where you might find yourself sitting back in Seat 3B , the XCOR Lynx Mark II carries only two people. The pilot and you in Seat 1B. You are in the best seat, up front with all the action, watching every move. You are part of the mission, not just cargo. This also means that you will be given a suitable “call sign,” and just like any other top-gun pilot you will have no say in this at all.

Giant Panoramic Canopy

If you are going into space you don’t want to look at the Earth through a tiny airline window back in Seat 3B. The XCOR Lynx Mark II cockpit canopy is 4 meters wide, making it the most impressive view in the world (and beyond).

Next-Gen Propulsion System

Thanks to its four powerful XR-5K18 rocket engines, the XCOR Lynx Mark II does not depend on a mother ship to slowly take it to a high altitude launch environment. In the XCOR Lynx Mark II the experience starts immediately, from T+1. The XCOR Lynx Mark II reaches Mach 1 at T +58 seconds, and Mach 2.9 at T +180 seconds.

KISS – Keep It Safe and Simple 

The XCOR Lynx Mark II design is simple, which makes it safe and economical. Intelligent engineering leverages a century of automotive experience making space accessible to many more people than ever before. As a result the XCOR Lynx Mark II is able to complete up to four missions per day with fast turnaround times between flights.


A lot of thought has gone into building an environmentally friendly spacecraft. The SXC Lynx Mark II has an all-composite air frame that makes it lightweight and strong, and is powered by common bio-fuels and reusable rocket propulsion. The Lynx Mark II XR-5K18 rocket engines are designed for more than 5,000 flights, a breakthrough in the history of rocket development and commercial space flight.

More Than Just a Glider

After reaching maximum altitude, the XCOR Lynx Mark II will glide back to Earth. However, one of the unique characteristics of the XCOR Lynx Mark II is that the pilot can choose to switch the XR-5K18 rocket engines on again during the flight. This is a significant advantage in terms of flexibility and flight safety.

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